THE GEESE THAT SANG by Florence Trento


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Kerry is enchanted by his three little goslings, particularly when he finds that if he sings to them they will reply. But, as goslings have a habit of doing, they eventually become geese, and quite rambunctious ones at that. On an impulse Kerry instructs his mother to sell them, and then is dismayed when she carries out his instructions. The problem is solved, of course, by the purchase, with the profit from the sale of the geese, of a whole new batch of goslings. There is a pathos to this story which may or may not be intended by the author, but in any case the account of a small boy's admittance into the world of free enterprise has just about as much suspenseful realism as the young reader can endure.

Pub Date: Oct. 5th, 1960
Publisher: Morrow