DALESACRES by Florence Ward


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Middleweight fiction, a story of love primarily, with overtones of philosophy and sagacity to raise it out of the purely rental class. The story is that of an inbred, middlewestern family of pioneering stock, a family now headed by Arden and Oviatt Dale, octogenerians, one strong, the other devious and smug, whose mistakes through life had been shunted off on others -- leading to subversive hatreds and shielded scandals. Into the family comes Brigit, a girl of twenty, who to the older members represents love thwarted years ago, and to the younger men becomes love actualized which eventually forces the past into the open. An embroiled family story, which holds the reader by plot tactics of holding-out. A certain warmth and intelligence and sentiment, which won't stick in your throat.

Pub Date: Oct. 9th, 1939
Publisher: Dutton