THE BIBLE PICTURE BOOK by Florian -- Illus. by


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Six Old Testament stories have been chosen for this book. The first ones are most successful in their presentation, -- with the text (King James version) abridged to bring the familiar stories into a page or page and a half compass. One could wish this procedure had been followed throughout. The story of Joseph, the story of Moses and the escape from Egypt, the story of David and Goliath all seem long to hold the attention of the five to eight year olds. And the book, with its lithographs in full color-and in black and white on every page, seems gauged to that age level. In the hands of a sympathetic adult the book could be successfully presented to small children. But in the main, I feel there are more satisfactory books in this field, though perhaps not at this price, which places the book as an excellent value for merchandising.

Publisher: Garden City