WOMEN, AND SOMETIMES MEN by Florida Scott-Maxwell


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Women- that still uncharted if well-travelled terrain- attracts still another exploratory expedition, even if there is no particular definition to the route or resolution by the close. Mrs. Scott-Maxwell, a Jungian analyst, deals- as one might expect- in hazy concepts and never comes down to concrete findings. Often retracing her steps, she mulls and muses over the problem of the modern woman who is no longer living exclusively through men but existing in her own right. This returns her to the masculine- feminine duality in each as she shows how women today are now using, rather than submerging, their masculine side, but if she no longer enjoys an inferior status, there is the question of whether she can assimilate her new one as she develops interests and commitments outside the home..... Anne Morrow Lindbergh devotes an eloquent appreciation to the English (and presumably American edition) but the market for Mrs. Scott-Maxwell's ambient abstractions may be very elusive.

Publisher: Knopf