ELUSIVE DREAMS by Floriminda Edar Reid


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A modern paranormal sequel set in New Zealand.

Normal and paranormal individuals battle nightmarish, evil creatures known as the Restless in a secret war in Reid’s follow-up to Moonless Night (2011). A young couple—human Alana and vampire Christian—live in a world populated by fairies, mermaids, mind readers and other supernatural beings. After Alana and Christian become engaged, their lives are soon thrust into turmoil. Alana receives a request to visit a mysterious, reclusive council of elders, who inform her that she has a destiny: she’s been tasked by some gods and goddesses to reverse a curse. Alana balances her relationships with friends and family with her newly gained knowledge and her fears of the future. The novel’s strongest scenes are those filled with action, particularly the Restless attacks. However, Reid’s fictional universe, a version of the modern world with fantastical elements, is often not clearly explained; a short speech describing Alana’s family history, for example, comes off as stiff and awkward. Characters are often simplistically described, and, because the book is a sequel, readers unfamiliar with the previous installment may likely find it difficult to piece together Reid’s world or make sense of some of its complex themes. That said, the novel has some truly riveting action scenes which may excite and engage genre fans. Fantasy junkies, too, may delight in the novel’s cast of characters, a multitude of supernatural beings whose relationships resemble high school romances.

A sequel which will likely please die-hard fantasy aficionados, and fans of Reid’s previous work. 

Page count: 388pp
Publisher: BalboaPress
Program: Kirkus Indie
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