AHDOOLO!: The Biography of Matthew A. Henson by Floyd Miller
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AHDOOLO!: The Biography of Matthew A. Henson

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For all its blizzards and blood, here is a warm and sunny biography of a wonderful man and a great Negro. After six years before the mast, Matthew Henson, 18, meets Lt. Peary, who takes him on as personal valet. When Peary asked him to accompany his expedition to North Pole, Henson goes, and where white men flounder, finds himself the Admirable Crichton to the core. Henson is soon the best of all dog sled men. He went on the second expedition, too and pushed with Peary on to the great discovery. Highly recommended.

Pub Date: Aug. 29th, 1963
ISBN: 140675062X
Publisher: Dutton