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A YEAR IN PARADISE by Floyd Schmoe



Pub Date: May 13th, 1959
Publisher: Harper

The Schmoes, Floyd and Ruth, needed to earn enough money to go back to college shortly after World War I so they took a job -- and a delayed honeymoon -- as winter caretakers at Paradise Inn, Mt. Rainier. It makes unique reading although it must have been a gruelling experience when they lived for months buried under snow. This is a four season record -- which actually spans several years -- and there's adventure too, on the trails both as guide and explorer. From the seemingly endless winter to the brief spring and summer,and then autumn which offers them the freedom to live their own lives free of tourists, this is chiefly a picture of the changing face of nature, the life on the mountain, the habits of glaciers and volcanoes and all the mysteries of the outdoors. As an ecologist and forester, the author's enthusiasm mirrors the wonder and the fascination of what he sees and knows. Visitors to Mt. Rainier will find this absorbing while all those with an interest in mountains will enjoy it equally.