HUEY LONG by Forrest David


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A candid biography of the pride of the canebrakes and the despair of the Senate. The biographer sketches in briefly Long's background, the character of the people who have ""made"" him, his adventurous career, his spectacular rise in politics. He knows his man, and considers him the most dangerous man in America. He believes him sincerely a friend of the people -- but thinks he has ambitions toward being an American dictator, ambitions he may possibly achieve. The book will make him more friends than enemies -- though at times it is difficult to determine whether it is the story of a serious politician or a clown. Good feature writing -- Americana with a pinch of humor -- we hope not justified in the estimate of Huey Long as a man to be reckoned with seriously, on the long haul. Not a muck-raking or sensational book.

Pub Date: Sept. 30th, 1935
Publisher: Dodge (McBride)