THE UNEASY YEARS by Forrest Rosaire


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Not as unpleasant as East of Midnight (1945), this uses a background of Chicago, of nagging poverty and failure to portray a family scene of credibility and conviction, rather than attraction. Here is the festering conflict between Dave Conm, soft and sad and subdued, and his wife Laura, a forceful woman, who is determined to give their three children the opportunities marriage to Dave had denied her. With the inheritance of some money from an aunt, Laura conceals this from Dave and the children, attempts to route them off to California and once there divorce him. Dave, meanwhile, steals from his firm to cover for one of the boys who lands in trouble, and at the end the children- sensing the danger ahead- stay with him protectively, give him an affection and allegiance Laura cannot override... Some of the actualities faced by an average family- but not for the average reader.

Pub Date: Sept. 18th, 1950
Publisher: Knopf