WHY DO PEOPLE BUY? by Fortune Magazine The Editors of


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A series of articles from this magazine appraises the significance of selling in America and the lowered status (even stigma) of salesmanship in the eyes of production and the public. Believing that ""merchandising has not replaced salesmanship. It has only become confused with it""- this airs some of the attitudes of big business and the responses of the little man; techniques- and lack of them- on the floor and on the road; door to door selling and direct mail; shopping at night- and the shift from Saturday to evening buying; industrial selling and the million dollar sale; advertising language and the saturation of superlatives; list prices and price cutting; etc. etc. These articles, incisive and informed, have had a strong response from their magazine appearance and are directed towards business right down the echelon from the executive to the salesman.

Pub Date: Sept. 8th, 1953
Publisher: McGraw-Hill