SECRET TIBET by Fosco Maraini


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An unusual travel book in its penetration of several areas of Tibetan life -- a book that is more concerned with the life of the spirit than of the body, more with thought and belief than activity. Travelling by foot or beast through the land of Tibet, the author explored the history, religion, art, and ideology of the people as well as the topography -- so impressively a part of their beliefs -- of the land. His friends included a delightful princess, who questioned him on the West, and the reincarnation of the living Buddha -- a happy boy who played ball with him when no one was looking. Definitely the outsider looking in, the author gives a completely different aspect of Tibet than that in Tibetan Skyline -- this one is essentially for these intrigued by the thought patterns of the East and their vast background in antiquity.

Pub Date: Nov. 7th, 1952
Publisher: Viking