PIANG The Moro Chieftain by F.P. Stuart
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PIANG The Moro Chieftain

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Jungle life in the Philippines, a fast moving, flavorful story of a 14-year old boy and his friends who go into the jungle to pass their test as warriors. They encounter adventures and the reader shares with them details of jungle life, everything from apes to pygmies and warrior ants. Style and dialogue carry the strange flavor of local idioms, and the whole book is permeated with a quiet oriental dignity and idealism, underyling all the exciting surface tale. The development of the moral fibre of the boys, of their measuring up to the standards of their tribe makes almost a second theme throughout. Exciting reading with a stimulating quality of inspiration, which should make the book not only popular but thoroughly worthwhile.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1941
Publisher: Messner