YOUR MORTGAGE by Fraderick H. Allen


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This is the only book I have seen which is wholly concerned with the subject so important to many people, the subject of a mortgage. Here are the answers to the questions that come up whether you are planning to purchase a house or build a house or (though less space is given to this) take out a mortgage on a house already owned. The types of mortgages, the various dependable sources of securing mortgages, the kinds of mortgages, whether straight mortgages, or mortgages including amortization and tax clauses, the differences between mortgages taken through F.H.A.. Building and Loan Associations, Savings Banks, etc. The bases on which mortgages are issued; the relation to value of property, location, condition, building plans etc.; the amount of mortgage percentage legal (state variants, etc.); the costs of extras such as title research, title insurance, legal fees, broker fees -- almost every conceivable point that the prospective mortgagee should know is given here in succinct, clearcut terms. A very useful book for every public library, many special libraries, and every real estate operator to own. Many prospective home owners will want to own it too.

Pub Date: May 19th, 1950
Publisher: Duell, Sloan & Pearce