DR. ATKINS' DIET COOK BOOK by Fran & Helen Monica Gare


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The revolution is by no means over and Dr. Atkins defends his diet (carbohydrates are to be watched -- not calories counted), his ""indisputable scientific findings"" (although they did not ""satisfy the medical purists"") and this book, for the slimmed-down maintenance level. (Even if cautiously he does suggest that at all times you weight-watch his way under your doctor's supervision.) The some 300 plus recipes here from snacks to sweets (with substitute sweeteners -- pending their FDA reinstatement) are unfatteningly full of butter and cream and many have continental inclinations. If you look closely, though, you will see that cakes are achieved via meringues, and pasta via soya powder, and there's a very real potato famine. A closing section gives low-fat recipes for those with a cholesterol problem which Dr. Atkins was accused of promoting by the medical profession at large, even unto the extensive Senate investigation thereof.

Pub Date: June 28th, 1974
Publisher: Crown