LET'S GO STEADY by Frances


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Teenagers Pat and Kirk are ""in love"". Their bathing suits and school outfits match, but apparently their temperaments do not. Kirk is a fiercely jealous partner who demands all of Pat's time and attention and is especially incensed when Pat offers homework help to Joe. The split-up is inevitable. Although Pat appreciates Joe's friendship and valuable assistance in nursing Davy, the family moneky, back to health, she soon tires of understanding and kindness and longs for Kirk's ""criticism"". And so in the end, having ""gotten to know herself"" Pat returns to her former ""love"". Although twisted values comprise the prime offense in this inept offering, we may also add rampant cliche and unreal character handling to the list. The growing teenager would do well to ignore this.

Pub Date: March 13th, 1961
Publisher: Westminster