BUT YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND by Frances Bruce Strain
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The author, well known to parents and teachers for her contributions to the field of social and sex education and adjustment in children, here turns her attention to the problems pecullar to teen agers. Addressed to the adult, these twelve ""case histories"" with accompanying interpretations point up problems all-too-familiar--a teen-ager ""young for her age"", a boy who wished he was taller, another who was ""all arms and legs"", the daydreamer, etc. The author emphasizes the fact that these are cases created from actual cases in the past experience of the author and the young people are not ""neurotics"" but the sort of boys and girls one might find in any community. Each emotional crisis is brought about also not through lack of love -- as so often is charged -- but lack of understanding of the needs of each young person, needs Miss Strain attempts to explain. Some of the interpretations may meet opposition, which of course, makes an excellent recommendation for its use in discussion groups. Really a must for parents and teachers -- for everyone working with young people. Don't hide this from the teen-ager either, since he may find here his own problems aired for the benefit of himself and his parents.

Pub Date: Sept. 8th, 1950
Publisher: Appleton-Century-Crofts