MARRIAGE IS FOR TWO by Frances Bruce Strain


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With the experience of a counselor in marriage and sex education, Mrs. Strain has written an assuring, sensible book on the state of marriage in our present day. She feels that the new economic independence of women is a major factor in the trend toward complete partnership and mutuality in marriage -- a marriage which is increasingly based on personal and psychic elements as well as the sexual and social. With marriage in a transitional period, she finds traditional courtship unsuited to the educational and economic status of women. But her book is more than overall theory. She discusses child development and the need to have a positive no-guilt attitude toward sex; the problems of adolescents, dating habits, courtship, the engagement; then in marriage, the place of ""outer"" relatives, the meaning of love, the period of pregnancy, the questions of livability, faithfulness, interferences to the relationship of two, personality stumbling blocks. A generous book full of common sense psychology expressed with simplicity and candor -- not the sort for the psychologically sophisticated accustomed to depth probes.

Publisher: Longmans, Green