A COLD, WILD WIND by Frances Casey Kerns


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Very homemade in America, like soap, but a thoroughly readable woman's drama all about Jill, one of a dutch of children who grow up hard with a jobless, drinking father and a worn-out, sometimes beaten up, mother. To make matters worse, Jill is raped when still in school by horrible Harold Scroggins. Thus one way or another she is unready for the love of attractive and upstanding Ross Harlan who wants to marry her before and long after she goes to bed with him and bears his child whom she puts in the custody of her parents. Hoping for a materially better life, she finally settles for Larry who depreciates her in between his country club and cocktail party appearances and there's worse to follow in one hospital intensive care emergency after another, including a malformed child she is led to believe is stillborn. . . . Jill, with more honesty than this kind of book usually manages, acknowledges she's her own worst enemy which means that other women will be her readiest sympathizers.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1974
Publisher: Crowell