MEET THE PRESIDENTS by Frances Cavanah


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From George Washington to Harry Truman, short anecdotes followed by biographical sketches have been written about each President of the United States. The anecdote pertains to some childhood incident -- Washington's longing to follow his brother to sea, Truman's intense Interest in American history -- and is dramatized in rather inane dialogue invented by the author. The biography tells the general story of each President's career in a few pages. The most valuable asset in the collection is the outline that concludes each sketch,- entitled, The President at a Glance, this little section lists the important accomplishments of the administration along with special biographical data. It is to this list that readers may refer when checking a single fact or a date. Though Miss Cavanah, a popular author, attempts to capture the flavor of each personality by introducing anecdotes, the result is less than successful. The history minded student demands more substantial fare.

Pub Date: June 11th, 1962
Publisher: Macrae-Smith