THE WITCHES' SECRET by Frances Charlotte Allen


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Hexie, Crochitee and Witchita, prohibited by the Mayor from playing any more pranks, are getting bored so they invite Mr. Whittledee, the toymaker, to tea; the old guy is sad and his toys' faces reflect it. Tea is served (skinflint sandwiches, thorn tarts, tipsy cake with harpy sauce) but Whittledee just isn't in the right spirit so he leaves to finish his dog carving. The secret is how they cure the toymaker: their magic potion brings his dog to life, the dog attracts cheerful children to the shop, Whittledee begins to smile -- and so do the three toy witches he carves. A pleasant contrast of jagged peaks (witchy hats and gables) and rounded pets and people in soft but sure greens and purples. Not a new brew but some special ingredients.

Pub Date: Sept. 25th, 1968
Publisher: Harper & Row