THE SATELLITE by Frances Clippinger


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A first person, flagellating self-portrait, which introduces Jimmy Keefer on the first page as ""a slob"", follows him through a parasite's progress to the last page where he winds up as a ""pimp and a slob and a sucker"". Falling in love with Elinda Bates in high school in California, Jimmy follows her to New York, where they have a cheap, riotous time, eventually marry. But while Jimmy has no ambition, Elinda has lots, uses her brains and her body to land a part in a show which folds but leaves her with a picture contract. Balking, then backing down, Jimmy follows her to Hollywood, sees her success assured before he leaves her for good... A shabby, shrill, sexy story of a boy and a girl who was too much for him-in the vernacular.

Publisher: Random House