CLARINDA by Frances Duncombe
Kirkus Star


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A bogulling story, with so neatly hidden a set of lessons for the six and seven year olds that will think of it as a moral tale. Clarinde? was a very usual little girl, who liked to dowdle in her , and stay awake when she ought to go to sleep, and complain about going to spend the day with her aunt, and so on. But a duck taught her the way to go down the drain to the duck pond, and she found that she wasn't the only creature with definite likes and dislikes. She got a little bored looking after baby ducklings. She found the duckling . She didn't like the field sports of the ducks and , because she hadn't been to their school. Delightful fantasy -- .

Pub Date: March 29th, 1944
Publisher: Holt