TIME TANGLE by Frances Eagar


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An English fantasy, right out of the convent dormitory trunk, in which Beth moves easily between the disappointing present and a Tudor intrigue during her Christmas vacation. Dad, a journalist, is stuck in the Mideast and Beth, remembering when her mother was alive, wanders dejectedly on the convent grounds. In the Henry VIII pavilion she discovers Adam, dressed in the clothes of 400 years past, and she becomes involved in his efforts to protect a Catholic priest. Except for her jeans, Beth--Elizabeth--has few modern accouterments and her daydreams, printed in italics, are largely traditional but touched with humor--she doesn't want a saint's name that sounds like an Italian cheese, she considers haunting ""a very difficult business, full of technical hitches."" No tingler, then, but a neat plot progression and respectable background detail.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1977
Publisher: Nelson