MY UNCLE NEWT by Frances Elsenberg
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I wish this could have the breaks it deserves. We loved its predecessor, There's One in Every Family, and the easy, captivating humor and sound human nature of last year's enfant terrible, Joey, is fully contrived again in a new character, Uncle Newt, a ly, spry, stubbern old rascal of 74. Uncle Newt, whose main concerns are liquor, good food, bumming ready each and getting his way, settles on his niece, Pearl, in her Knoxville rooming House. Amoral, guileful, and consistently cussed, he brings abysmal failure to pious Pearl's schemes to redeem his soul. Artless, ingratiating entertainment in the record of his career in leading her a dance. This sort of yarn is fun reading, and good ""escape"". And she does it well.

Pub Date: Oct. 28th, 1942
Publisher: Lippincott