THEN CAME TIMOTHY by Frances Frost


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Timothy proved that if you believe in lepracauns- you could see them -- and play with them -- and find a whole new world of delight. Orphaned Kathy, living with her grandparents on Singing Cow Island, in Casco Bay, Maine, and loving the stories Old Rory tells of the Little People, is the first one Timothy Sweetfern comes to see and she and her grandparents and Philip and his parents all get to know the little man's peppery temper and feel his grand furies when he is displeased. Permitted a three day visit, Timothy not only makes friends with the dog and cat, but even helps to catch the thief who is robbing Old Rory's lobster pots so that his return in his egg shell ship is a sad moment for all. A nice treatment of the fairy tale world, this makes the most of Irish folklore and may spirits.

Pub Date: Aug. 23rd, 1950
Publisher: Whittlesey House