YOKE OF STARS by Frances Frost
Kirkus Star


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A very different setting from Innocent Summer, where Miss Frost pictured a country town riddled with morbidity, perversion and sub-conscious emotional instability. This pictures a community of pleasant people, and the main characters are people one would like to know. The scene shifts from New York to a small up-state town, and the story concerns itself largely with the life of Judy York, set forth in segments of seven years, with throwbacks at each break to events that have taken place during the interval. Childhood, and an irascible, commonplace mother who frustrates Judy's interest in music; college, composing and the meeting with a volatile unstable boy; marriage and motherhood, separation and divorce; home again and years of concentration on the goal of her music, broken only by a love that ends in death; the children growing up; and finally, in middle age, marriage and contentment. A woman's book, with a certain sensitivity, warmth and exuberance. Very good reading -- the sort of book people will like to recommend to one another.

Pub Date: Jan. 19th, 1938
Publisher: Farrar & Rinehart