THE MOUSE PALACE by Frances; Illus. Adrienne Adams Carpenter


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One sleepless night 100 years ago, the favored Siamese prince, seven-year-old Paw Yai (Little Big Man) slipped away from his sleeping older sister and entered his father's Great Hall. The Siamese King played with his numerous children there and they could enter only at his invitation. For their amusement, he had provided palatial cage for two white mice, Rama and Sita. Paw Yai wanted to pet the mice, but when he put his hand in the cage they slipped out. All his half sisters and brothers joined in the mad scramble to get Rama and Sita back in the Mouse Palace. When the King returned, two dusty white mice were in place. Although his older sister attempted to take the blame, Paw Yai confessed. This makes them even dearer in the fond eyes of their all-powerful father. The possibility of his wrath or the awful effects of a fall from his favor never comes over. His ultimate forgiveness and loving discipline are as assured as the fact that the mice will eventually follow a trail of crumbs back into captivity. A touch of humor might have saved their very sweet, very even story which is buoyed-up but not saved by the handsome, well-placed illustrations of Adrienne Adams.

Pub Date: Aug. 5th, 1964
Publisher: McGraw-Hill