WELCOME TO DUNECREST by Frances Leigh Williams


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Patty and Paul, at the end of their Junior year at Cornell's hotel school, are hired as assistants to help with the running of a Virginia Beach hotel for the summer. The resulting story is Just a little sillier than one might imagine a career-romance about the hotel business to be. Arriving at Dunecrest, we get the picture of Paul-brilliant, capable, thoughtful, etc.; and of Patty-unsure, hesitant, bothered by the idea that Paul's intervention might have gotten her the job, yet determined to prove efficient. And in the complications that follow- she does, even though her success seems out of character with her awe of mankind. There's a spate of jealousy in the intrusion of a red-head who tries to pin something on one of the waitresses, but Paul and Patty handle the affair successfully enough to win the attention of a big hotel man in disguise who offers them a solid future- together. Work values are stressed, but the veneer of resort life is so thick (as it must be) that the basic point seems almost irrelevant.

Pub Date: Sept. 26th, 1955
Publisher: Messner