CASTAWAY by Frances Murray


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When petite but gallant orphan Isabelle Audley is shipwrecked (thanks to a French privateer) on the way home from India, she alone survives, cast ashore on the isle of Guernsey. Unfortunately, her rescuer is Kerinec, one of Bonaparte's nastier minions, who is engaged in sneaking an Irish rabblerouser back to the Auld Sod. With the help of blue-eyed and penniless sailor Charles de Beaumanoir, Isabelle foils Kerinec's plot, but not before getting into lots of water, both hot and cold: she's almost forced to marry a retarded peasant, she winds up unconscious in a skiff with a dead body, and she must be rescued by every eligible male in the cast of thousands. All of which is to say nothing about Isabelle's villainous London relatives, who have squandered her fortune thinking her dead and now, finding her alive, are determined to force her to marry scheming Oliphant, her cousin. Quite a bit less plot would have been more delightful, but this is still a pleasant enough jaunt around the foggy reefs of Guernsey--for those who can keep the pace.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1979
Publisher: Scribners