FIELDING'S FOLLY by Frances Parkinson Keyes


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This isn't up to her best, but the Keyes' coterie, regardless of quality, flock to her banner. Perhaps it is the full quota of furniture, clothes, household equipment, material and emotional set-to's that make it appeal to the feminine renters, perhaps it is the fact that she uses true and tried outlines (in this case, Shall I keep him when he strays or shall I let him go?) -- but in any case you can count on her. An anemic sprig of Vermont aristocracy meets up with down-at-the-heels but oh so virile Virginia aristocracy; they love, they marry -- against opposition; they have a round the world honeymoon and return to rehabilitate the ancestral acres. Misunderstandings, triangle situations etc., disrupt the menage, but eventually the couple are reunited, and all is well.

Publisher: Messner