ST. ANNE: Grandmother of Our Saviour by Frances Parkinson Keyes
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ST. ANNE: Grandmother of Our Saviour

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Mrs. Keyes is an increasingly important figure in the field of Catholic writing. The market for this new book will be gauged by the success of her Bernadette of Lourdes and Therese: Saint of a Little Way. This is probably the most significant of her religious books. She has spent several years of research and travel, visiting shrines and churches dedicated to St. Anne, mother of Mary. She has weighed the evidence, considered the legendary contributions, presented various conclusions, and unhesitatingly taken her own position on the basis of the study. The book fails into three parts:- the biography, with extracts from two of the ""lost"" books of the Bible (Gospel of the Birth of Mary and the Protevangelium of St. James the Less), written with considerable charm and fervor; the presentation of the cult, with the story of the finding of the relics and the tomb, the establishment of the hundreds of churches the world over dedicated to St. Anne, the shrines where healings are recurrent, and the various aspects the cult has taken; the canticles and poems and songs dedicated to her.

Pub Date: Dec. 5th, 1955
Publisher: Messner