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That the author set out to ""sell"" his audience on his personal appreciation of the profundity of the spiritual effects for man to be derived from the participation in the greatest prayer --the Mass -- in quite clear. If delivered piecemeal as sermons over a long period of time, once a week, the chapters undoubtedly would have an uplifting quality on listeners in the tradition of another day. But as a book it is entirely unconvincing. And this despite a profusion of well meant but limping analogies. The index which lists no more than 200 items points up the asides which don't quite come off. In connection with reading this book you will learn something about these topics -- in addition to the author's enthusiasm about the Mass -- Hayer aspirin, the Air Transport Association, the Battle of Hastings, Man and the tea ceremony of Japan. Father Wickey has the pitchman's fervor and uses extremes in much the same way. It is evident that the author has read widely and is thoroughly convinced that his cause is worth selling, but in protesting too much he fails to convince. It is truly unfortunate that Father Wickey did not have a ruthless editor who could have helped him make this book into the sort of book he intended. There is a true need for a new book to bring to life the divine mystery of God's love for man manifested through the graces obtainable through the Mass. Would that this could have been the book.

Pub Date: Nov. 20th, 1961
Publisher: Bruce