RIDGEWAYS by Frances Renaicd


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Those who like CINNAMON SEED (reviewed above) will like this, and vice versa. And the market for both is the market that likes family sagas, stories of the South, novels where Place is more important than People. This is the saga of a place -- Ridgeways -- and of the hold it exerted through five generations of a Kentucky family, beginning and ending with Joel Hardison. From riches to poverty and deterioration and up the ladder again to comfort and reenstatement the story goes. Through the pattern of the larger canvas, goes the thread of Ellen, the interloper, but the one who held the family to its creed, and who felt the clutch of the old place more intensely than the owners themselves. There's a suggestion of Margaret Deland's IRON WOMAN in this powerful characterization.

Pub Date: Feb. 23rd, 1934
Publisher: Stokes