READY MADE FAMILY by Frances Salomon Murphy
Kirkus Star


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A zesty, unsentimental adoption story whose outcome sees three kids, each with a different sized chip on the shoulder, happily settled with a kindly small town druggist and his wife. When Hedwig, Peter and Mary Rose Kowalski are told at the State Home and School that they will go to Goodrich- Mary Rose goes smilingly because she is only six, Peter goes sourly because at ten he has had enough mistreatment to learn how to lie, and twelve year old Hedwig with resignation for the bad things she'll probably encounter. But after the initial strangeness of a new life is over, life with the Kennedy's gets better and batter. The Kowalski's make their own young friends; Grandmother Kennedy gradually warms to the newcomers and when Hedy's aunt returns to try to claim her, the new love and security keep Hedy where she is. Problems squarely tackled.

Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1953
Publisher: Crowell