NOTHING GROWS FOR YOU? by Frances Tenenbaum


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There's a good chance, though, that these house plants will, given Tenenbaum's very simple, logical advice -- like start modestly (those large, lush specimens have more pizzazz but small ones are more adaptable and portable, as well as cheaper so you can try out several different types until you find the ones that do well for you); select from a list of ten recommendeds here (some, such as Spathiphyllum are ""new"" and might be hard to find; others such as Aucuba have been around practically forever and are virtually unkillable); avoid the cacti which are so neglectable that that's what you'll end up doing; don't hesitate to discard anything that proves difficult because in most cases you'll only continue to fail with it. Tenenbaum's too off-putting about flowering plants -- but then, growing, say, African violets is something you either can do or you can't. Throughout, the word is experiment.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1974
Publisher: Scribners