COTTON IN MY EARS by Frances Warfield
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Continuing the fashion popularized by The Little Locksmith and Betsy Barton's And Now To Live Again -- and more recently by Out On A Limb, here is another autobiographical record of making the most and the best of an affliction. There's less sentimentality than in some, less brashness and insistence than in others- and this is an engaging account of Frances Warfield, who remained partially deaf after a bout with let fever at the age of five. Determined not to let anyone know she could not hear, these are the games she plays, the manoeuvers she tries in order to avoid detection. Her schooling; a trip to England and Honorables and horses for a week-end; various writing jobs; her love for Charlie whom she leaves for a trip to Vienna to see a specialist, only to find that he had died; and on her return to find that Charlie has married another girl; the continual search for a doctor who can help; and at last, she gives up and gets a hearing aid -- and marries Phil.... Without the astringency of the Baker book, this has definite appeal -- and is entertaining reading.

Pub Date: April 5th, 1948
Publisher: Viking