GROWING UP IN CHRIST by Frances Wilkinson
Kirkus Star


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Most decidedly not just another book about Christian family life! It is a book about the way to make God real in the family, and especially in the lives of the children, but here is not to be found the usual good advice which so often seems divorced from real life. Here is a book written by a Christian mother of four, (English) married to an Anglican minister, who knows how to make God real and religion come alive in a way which not only stirs the heart, but convinces the mind. She really known what she is talking about. She is not writing about her family, but she leaves her reader with a warm desire to meet them, who have learned through their parents that ""there is no subject, no emotion, no joy, no activity, no pleasure, no sorrow which falls outside the all- embracing love of God"". The book is written for all parents, or parents to be. Its modest price should help to guarantee its wide and happy acceptance.

Publisher: Seabury Press