IN THE MARGINS OF CHAOS by Francesca M. Wilson


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An Englishwoman writes of her work during and after the last war, of service with the Friends and other agencies in relief and reconstruction. The aftermath of battles, the ""margins of war and chaos"", as background for a detailed picture of places and people, drawn from her notebooks. There emerges a self portrait of a woman infinitely resourceful in dealing with helpless peoples of strange countries, with sickness and starvation, with deprivation and attrition. At the start of the war -- 1914 -- she took in two Belgian girls: two years later she left with the Friends for France, then on to the Serbs, first to Sicily, later to the Balkans, to Austria after the war, to Russia during the famine, the Spain of the Civil War to concentration camps -- Poland -- the alkns again. Modest account of service to others which reveals a deep concern for all types of people.

Pub Date: Feb. 27th, 1945
Publisher: Macmillan