SUPERSAURUS by Francine Jacobs


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How Dinosaur Jim, identified in a small-print foreword as ""Dinosaur Jim Jensen, a scientist,"" found fossil bones from ""the most gigantic dinosaur anyone had ever found."" First, he finds a hip bone ""as wide as a car."" Then, ""More good luck! Another huge bone. Another. Another. They found enormous rib, neck, and shoulder bones."" Jim figures that the dinosaur must have weighed about 70 tons. ""And was a plant-eater."" (That's a sentence.) We hear a bit about how the dinosaur must have lived, and what happened to its body and bones when it died. This actual discovery provides a focus, or at least an excuse, for one more introductory dinosaur book. But aside from the size of the dinosaur there's nothing special about the story--and the unimaginative pictures make it look dull.

Pub Date: June 18th, 1982
Publisher: Putnam