MR. JUSTICE HOLMES by Francis Biddle


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Better late than never, for that market which seems to be contributing to building a ""Holmes' cult"". Francis Biddle, Attorney General and one of the ""chosen"" who acted as secretary to Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes writes of the Justice in a way Holmes would himself have liked. Throughout the book there is a pervading warmth and charm. One finds inclusions of quotations from Holmes which have a note of inspiration; there are anecdotes well told; there is an occasional glimpse into the household and family life and even a fleeting glimpse of Mrs. Holmes, who is quoted as saying: - ""Washington is full of the first men of the land and the women they married when they were young"". It is a well-written,interestingly told story of the great Judge and grand human being. Its brevity adds to its excellence.

Publisher: Scribner