THE WORLD'S BEST HOPE by Francis Biddle


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U. S. Attorney General in World War II and American member of the International Military Tribunal is represented by his Walgreen Lecture Series at the University of Chicago in which he analyzes the significance of the problems recurring in spite of changes in history. He traces the shift in power from Great Britain to the United States and the resultant responsibility entailed; he investigates the question ""can the system of free enterprise of the United States be made to work in harmony with socialist or anti-socialist governments of western Europe in the effort to rebuild the economy and sustain the free political cultures of those countries""; he defines the concepts and ramifications of democracy; he explores socialism as the enemy of communism; he makes suggested reforms in governmental offices and procedures for the betterment of our foreign policy . A qualified observer and commentator, Biddle provides a lucid, well written polemic for aid in European recovery.

Publisher: University of Chicago