FRANCIS THE FIRST by Francis Hackett
Kirkus Star


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One of the outstanding non fiction titles of the Spring season. A better book, essentially, than his Henry the Eighth, swifter moving, more tightly woven. Grand reading. The figure of Francis grows under his hands, a master craftsman. One sees him with all his superficial brilliance, his vivid personality, his real ability, and yet the whole disintegrated by his lack of force, his instability, his sensitiveness to outside influence. Furthermore, one sees his faults -- and his virtues -- in the making, and their place in the panorama of Europe in turbulent, exciting years. Francis in relation to his mother and sister; Francis in relation to his women; Francis in relation to his fellow monarchs, Henry the VIIIth, Charles the Vth, Leonardo. Great figures and small cross the stage, and one is swept into the pulsing life. Sure to be a best seller and best renter. Extensive advertising. Four color poster available.

ISBN: 1406706825
Publisher: Doubleday, Doran