THE CONCISE BIBLE by Francis Hazlett


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It is the hope of the author, Francis Hazlett, that this condensation of the King James version of the Bible will serve to introduce the Bible to many readers who have thus far been put off by its very size. Here is the gist of all 66 books in one-twelfth the length of the original, but the Creation story, the Ten Commandments, the best known and Proverbs, the Sermon on the Mount, and others of the most familiar sayings are all in full text, with a notation of their chapter and verse location in the Bible. Nothing essential to the story and drama of the Bible has been left out. This is not another abridgement. Where possible the words of the synopsis is kept in the words of the King James version (printed in italics) and every direct quotation, in roman type, is set in the narrative context that explains it. Here the great literary and religious treasures are made available for those whose needs demand a shorter form but who want the heart of the Bible in its own words. If the true nature and purpose of this condensation can be made clear, it should serve the purposes of students and the general reader alike.

Pub Date: Oct. 29th, 1962
Publisher: Regnery