GLOVER by Francis Pollini


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It's too bad that this is a novel. It would have been good for at least four or five issues of Gent or Raunchy or any of those little magazines that brighten up the barbershop. Airman Second Class Glover is a lad with an extraordinary faculty for thinking in monosyllables or muttering in monosyllables about one thing...and where to put it. Of course there is an occasional lapse into dreams about his heroic football career but that's Just to round off the character. Actually poor Glover shouldn't be blamed, he is so overdeveloped in this one area that he just couldn't help but talk about it, brag about it and show it off...constantly... could he? And since Glover boy is a Rover boy and. the girls just melt at the cute way he says ""Hon"" we do bounce briskly along for page after page after page. And then there's his envious admirer Lieutenant Patton, a foppish philosopher with his own hang-up, who benignly helps Glover avoid the nuisance of that trail of pregnancies Glover leaves in his wake. But finally there's Judy, a pregnant Chick that Just won't be put down. She is in love with Glover boy. She is also married. A problem. Ho Glover! Glover fix. Judy dead. Trial...long Trial. Glover? all American Glover? Nahhhhhh! Patton to rescue. Go Boy! Alibi: Good old Patton. Trial over. Glover free. Glover happy. Reader sad.

Pub Date: Oct. 29th, 1965
Publisher: Putnam