BLOOD MONEY: The Story of U.S. Treasury Secret Agents by Francis Rufus Bellamy

BLOOD MONEY: The Story of U.S. Treasury Secret Agents

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Another airing of undercover activities. This is the story of how the U.S. Treasury fought the money power of the Axis, delivered its first blow through the freezing of foreign funds. A baker's dozen of individual incidents illustrates this hidden war; in the case of the Dutch Diamond Conspiracy when Werner von Clemm imported diamonds looted from the Netherlands; in the case of the General Aniline & Film Corporation which acted as cover for I.G. Farben; B. Westermann, the New York City bookstore which served as an agent for the distribution of Nazi propaganda; Kenji Iki and his hidden Japanese funds; Fritz Mandl, ""poor refugee from Europe"", the munitions maker who serviced Franco and Mussolini and attempted to duplicate a war plant in Argentina; Juan March, once a pig smuggler, then Spain's largest profiteer; these and others provide authentic criminal and counter-espionage accounts for a market- old and young.

Pub Date: May 12th, 1947
Publisher: Dutton