THE STRANGE BLOOMING by Francis Rufus Bellamy


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An unusual interpretation of a divorce case, that takes for its basis a man's right to freedom- of speech, of action, of truth when he is confronted with an amorous situation that cuts across his established pattern. Julian Cortwright, always fighting for his integrity, always realizing that his wife- Kitty- has undermined his pretenses of truthfulness, suddenly succumbs to the attractions of Jeanne Twining, a secretary in his Maryland Tidewater bank. Able at last to withstand his own forbearance for Kitty's values, ready to fight for his own ideals, Jule makes a public scandal of his love for Jeanne, aligns friendly forces in the bank to avert an economic disaster, and bludgeons public opinion to his side of the case in bringing everything into the open. A serei-social-economic picture of the question of the rights of a marriage not essentially honest- that makes for more serious reading among the rental readers- not too weighty reading for more sober novel readers.

Pub Date: April 2nd, 1948
Publisher: Dutton