GEN'L DOUGLAS MACARTHUR: Fighter for Freedom by Francis Trevelyan Miller

GEN'L DOUGLAS MACARTHUR: Fighter for Freedom

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Merchandise made to order for the American hero worshipping multitudes -- time enough later for a more objective, better balanced biography of the hero of the Bataan Peninsula. Luck has broken his way all through his life, from a childhood as a veritable boy wonder, member of an army family (his father's career was a spectacular one, his brother was a navy man). Mexico, the Philippines at several points in his career, Russia, Japan, overseas as commander of the Rainbow Division in the last war, Chief of Staff, head of the Academy at West Point in the '20's, and so on -- his has been a rich background of experience and training and responsibility, all of which he has met with independent thought and spirit. Quotations from his own writings reveal him as very confident, with firm belief in his own capabilities and destinies. There is something of his personal life, his two marriages, his son. There is plenty of hate propaganda, and flag waving. And the authenticity is vouched for by the author's own record as an historian of note.

Publisher: Winston