THE NOTRE DAME STORY by Francis Wallace


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Cheer, Cheer, for Old Notre Dame"" -that's the first line of the famous Notre Dame Victory March and this story is a grand cheer for the Notre Dame alumni and graduates and the Notre Dame followers -- and they are legion. It is mostly the football history of Notre Dame and naturally the famous Knute Rockne threads his way from the preface right down to the last goal line. It also gives much of the spirit of the school on the academic and religious side and tells of its growth, from a small, insignificant boys school to a great educational institution. Here, too, you have short sketches of the leaders of Notre Dame in all its various phases. Out of it all comes a magnificent, hero-worshipping, sentimental and, at times, bally-hooing picture of its immortal, Rockne, a great coach and a great guy. Worth the price of admission and you can get a seat on the fifty yard line. You don't have to be even a follower of Notre Dame to enjoy this.

Pub Date: Sept. 29th, 1949
Publisher: Rinehart