SOCIALIST BRITAIN by Francis Williams


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An optimistic primer, covering the background, composition and future plans of the present British government, written by a young, former member of the Labor ministry. The early history of the party briefly profiles the party's leaders,- Attlee, Bevin, Cripps, and Morrisson; the domestic and foreign policies of the party today, its problems and prospects tomorrow, all are outlined here with a great measure of confidence that Britain is entering on an era of prosperity. Economically dependent on the U. S. A. England has developed a new type of Commonwealth, bilateral trade agreements, while leaving a way open when the dollar scarcity is alleviated, for free trade or multilateral agreements. This involves a breaking away from the U. S. A., an essential to British survival. On the domestic level, the author reviews all the government has done, nationalization of industry, manpower and agricultural planning, equalization of social rights, and so on. An overall picture of the Labor government in action, reflecting an earnest faith in the survival of Great Britain.

Pub Date: Jan. 3rd, 1949
Publisher: Viking