WAR BY REVOLUTION by Francis Williams


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Another ""literary hand grenade"" on democracy versus fascism by a former editor of the London Daily Herald. Williams believes that England ""must fight this war not as a British war but as an international revolution of democracy against reaction"". He analyzes the collapse of France, charging lack of ideals as a reason she disintegrated. He takes up the sources of unity and disunity in England, outlines Hitler's plans, and specifies the need for a socialized democracy for now -- and the future -- of England. A little of the Laski liberalism, but not as pungent. Perhaps not so drastic, and therefore may prove easier to take. England claims it as another answer to The Wave of the Future --democracy, not Fascism claimed as the ""wave"". An excerpt from this book appeared in Life a few weeks ago, and caused many repercussions. Here again is a statement of war aims to give strength to conviction. Perhaps some will say -- ""Old stuff"". But it is done with a new slant.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1941
Publisher: Viking